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Ayurvedic Massage TreatmentsFacial TreatmentIndian General Body Massage

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Ancient time-tested and result-proven treatments have been handed down over the generations. Try a single session for the experience or more importantly, reclaim your optimal health with a 14-day series. Each treatment requires superior herbs imported and blended personally by Harsha to ensure the highest quality.

Facial Treatment

This is a three-step treatment with all-natural ingredients: 1. Exfoliation with honey and lemon juice. 2. Application of mud pack with antioxidant and sandalwood powder. 3. An aromatherapy steam. After these three steps, I offer a nice, soothing massage with aromatherapy oil and ice. (The mud pack and exfoliating mixture are customized to your skin type. I also offer special treatments for acne using 100% natural, organic products.)

Indian General Body Massage

A rigorous massage to improve your circulation has been reported to reduce symptoms of arthritis and high blood pressure. A special oil blend drenches your total body as its vital ingredients saturate your skin. Feel comfortable in wearing nothing to obtain maximum results or wear a swimsuit if you so desire.

Our Mission

Discover a sanctuary where you can trust, experience total relaxation and see results in your wellness. A time and place just for yourself – to rebuild total health. A sanctuary where there’s never a rush to leave. At your own pace re-emerge into life revitalized!


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Ayurveda Treatment

Harsha’s prices are listed; for Vipasha, all prices are listed but $10 less.
Massage Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatments

This is a 5,000 year old medical treatment system from India that means knowledge of…

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Recently I was on a business trip in Madison. After a physically demanding working day I needed a massage. I was intrigued to find an Aruyvedic massage therapist in…

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Our Services

Deep tissue Massage – 90min @ $105
Unwind your tight body muscles and mind with a massage blending techniques drawing from American and European cultures.


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