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Recently I was on a business trip in Madison. After a physically demanding working day I needed a massage. I was intrigued to find an Aruyvedic massage therapist in Madison since I see an Aruyvedic doctor where I live, I didn’t realize then how fortunate I was that Harsha happened to have an opening. Immediately upon meeting her, I felt welcomed and comfortable. She took my pulse and prepared the oil. Her work was gentle and thorough. Her suggestions for changes in my diet made sense. But it wasn’t till after I left her office that I began to feel something very different from any other time I’ve had a massage. I felt deeply calm, not just relaxed, but as if something deep inside had shifted and slowed down. The effect lasted for days, and was profound enough for me to follow through on Harsha’s suggestions for changes to my diet. Now, a month later, I am sleeping better, my digestion has improved, and overall I am experiencing much more serenity, Harsha is a gifted practitioner. The combination of her insight and knowledge is remarkable. When I returned home and I looked up Aruyvedic massage therapists in my area I couldn’t find one. So I started looking for a job in Madison!
Ben Bernstein, Ph.D.
Oakland, California
“I’ve been to many different masseuses over the years. Most of the time you leave the massage feeling improved but still have knots still in your back. Harsha is one of the only masseuses I’ve been to that can work out all the knots in your back. Besides this, she has beautifully decorated rooms that smell amazing and pour out a feeling of totally relaxation. She plays music and uses wonderful smelling Ayurvedic massage oils. Harsha is a warm and caring person who truly wants to give you the best massage possible. She is the best out there. If you want to not only get a complete feeling of relaxation but want all your knots massaged out, there is only one masseuse to go to, Harsha Keister.”
Alisa – Appleton, Wisconsin

I was having lower back pain for a few months before I was referred to Satyam Ayurvedic Massage. After 3 sessions I would say I had a 90% improvement. I love the fact that you guys are willing to travel to my home. Harsha is one of the nicest people I have met in my lifetime and I would highly recommend her as your masseuse if you are in the Madison area.

Kyle- Eco Clean Madison Maid Service


When western medicine did not have the answers for treating a ongoing serious illness, I decided to turn to Ayurveda.  With a combination of Traditional Indian massage, ayurvedic herbs and oils, Shirodahra, nutritional cleansing as well as mental, emotional, and psychological clearing I was able to assist my body with its natural ability to heal itself.  For the first time in over three years my blood work was within the normal range. I had felt so bad, for so long I had forgotten how it felt to feel good or normal.  Results were quick, within a few short months.  I now am hopeful to make a full recovery!  Thank you Harsha, your wisdom and services are nothing short of profound.

Jackie- Evansville, WI